Just Reading This Website Could Make You Healthier.


Hey I’m Sean Bissell,

A 34 year old dad to two little boys, a husband, a health nut and the author of The First Diet who lives in the Seattle area.

When I was just 20 years old, doctors discovered a significant plaque buildup in the arteries leading to my brain. The doctors didn’t have any answers on how to fix the issue, so I was left on my own to find answers for myself.

That was extremely scary, and I’ve been studying nutrition almost obsessively ever since. Luckily I did find the answers I was looking for, and even more. And I want to share what my exploration has found, and guide you towards better health.

Nutrition, health and fitness are very complex subjects to sort through. Studying them is like navigating a minefield sown with extremes. People can get pretty black and white.

And it’s those black and white extremes that often times cause the most problems for people.

You see, one of the “dirty little secrets” of the health and fitness industry is that it’s easier to design a plan that is extreme. It’s much easier to slam a see-saw to one side or the other. It’s much more difficult to balance that see-saw right in the middle. Not too much, not too little.

Balance is one of the most difficult things humans can ever do. Just try and ride a skateboard.

And, like learning to balance, change is tough.

Most of us feel like we know what to do, but just can’t seem to make it happen. Or we just feel stuck. Powerless to move forward by an invisible force.

But sometimes what breaks past that invisible force is discovering the truth, and accepting it. This is often enough to inspire effortless positive changes.

For example, if you realize the truth that eating a “balanced” diet, or living a “balanced” lifestyle is not the easy practical advice that so many people casually spit out as advice, you may forgive yourself for “falling”. And that forgiveness can lead to more improvement in your health than any extreme diet ever could.

My goal for you is:

Just by reading this website you get healthier.

Because change is hard if you force it. We often times find ourselves feeling stuck. But sometimes simply becoming aware of something is the key to effortless, and automatic change.

For example:

If you were aware of the fact that it is going to rain later today, you would dress differently, or bring an umbrella. That’s instant action change.

You can never get back your time, and never turn back the clock. That realization could lead you to discover that time is more valuable than money. And that mind shift could change your entire life.

And bringing it back down to health and fitness:

If you discovered that when lifting weights you should focus your mind away from your joints and instead on squeezing your muscles… That simple realization could make you stronger and leaner than any protein shake ever would.

And discovering how carbohydrates act in your body can change your diet overnight.

None of these realizations require excessive willpower, nagging, or forcing to change actions.

Simple awareness can do the trick.

I want to share with you what I’ve learned, what’s on my mind, and give it back to you.

And I want to help you have your own realizations. To help get you unstuck, and make the positive changes you want.

That’s what this website is about.

And I want to guide you towards the awareness that inspires positive change.